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"Des nouvelles voies
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Le 24 Mai 2012
GAYPU takes part in the Advisory Commission of Companies of the Technological Institute of Aragon (TIA)

The GAYPU Group, represented by its Managing Director, Roberto Garzo, has participated in the first Advisory Commission of Companies of the TIA, which took place on the 23rd of May, with the aim of setting out their approaches and experiences"...+ info

Le 24 Avril 2012
UP LIFTING Quality Certification

UP LIFTING since its inception, has been strongly committed to quality and the preservation of our environment as a pillar of development.

Solid evidence of this commitment is that all the departments and resources of our company have been deeply"...+ info

Le 15 Mars 2011

"New ways to move forward, without pause ... step by step"

Huesca GAYPU Group, a regional leader and one of the most technologically advanced companies nationwide as far as the processing of steel is concerned, expands its business lines by"...+ info

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